The Four Pillars of Stewardship


4 Pillars With All 4 Txt

The 2018 St. John Francis Regis Annual Stewardship Time/Talent and Financial Commitment will be going on during the month of October. The Theme this year is "Where Do You Fit In the 4 Pillars of Stewardship."

To further help understand and implement the 4 Pillars of Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service, the St. Regis Stewardship Council has identified the Ministries and Councils that best represent each of the 4 Pillars. The weekend of October 13-14 will include a Ministry Fair in the Gathering Space for the Ministries related to Service. The weekend of October 27-28 will include a Ministry Fair related to Hospitality, Prayer and Formation. We will conclude with families making their Time, Talent and Treasure commitments on November 3-4.

As you read about the 4 Pillars and review the information provided, ask yourself this question; WHERE DO YOU FIT IN THE 4 PILLARS OF STEWARDSHIP? You may already be involved in one or more of our 50+ ministries which is fantastic. If you are not involved in any ministries, prayerfully consider getting involved and signing up.