Worship with us at Mass

"This is my body which is given for you"
- Luke 22:19

3 pm (Vigil)

8:30 am 
10:30 am
5:00 pm (Spanish Mass)

Daily Mass (Tues - Fri):
8:30 am

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 22):
8:30 am 
6:00 pm (English)
7:30 pm (Spanish)

Receive Healing in Confession.

"Therefore confess your sins to one another"
- James 5:16

6 pm - 7 pm

2 pm

Or by appointment.

What is Confession?


Eucharistic Adoration

6 pm – 7 pm 
with Confession and Benediction


Fr. LopezIf you have never been to a Catholic church, or if you are new to our area of Kansas City, welcome!

If you and your family have been away from the Catholic Church for some time, welcome back! If you are an active member of our family at St. John Francis Regis, welcome! In short, we are glad you are here.

Come and join us for Holy Mass and be transformed by God’s grace. Participate as a steward and get involved. As Christian stewards, we receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord. Learn ways you can get involved at St. John Francis Regis by browsing our site, our bulletin, or our Facebook page. 

I invite you to consider becoming a registered member of our parish so you can be a steward of God's gracious gifts to you. We look forward to seeing you, and may God bless you!

In Christ,
Fr. Emmanuel López

Upcoming Parish Events

We'd love for you to join us at our next parish event!