English as a Second Language Class

Participants meet at St Regis from 6 to 7pm on Wednesdays.  Beginners to more advanced students are welcome.  Classes are informal and tailored to students specific needs.   Learning English is a considerable challenge for many new Americans and for some it can seem almost impossible; however, by learning English, adult students can:

  • Increase job opportunities and advancement
  • Obtain High School Equivalency  credentials and/or prepare for college
  • Become a United States citizen
  • Improve communication with your children, neighbors, friends, and the community. 

Contact Annette 816-516-7492 for more information.

Rosary Rally

This nationwide initiative to support the police is part of the Return to Order campaign.  The next nationwide rosary rallies are Saturday, October 31, from noon to 1 pm. The promoters hope to have over 5,000 rallies nationwide.  The local event will be at the Kansas City Police Department South Patrol station at 9701 Marion Park Drive (behind the Bannister home Depot), KCMO.  This will be a peaceful prayer vigil to let our police know we support them.  No speakers, no presentations, just serious prayer time for one hour for police, their families, and for an end to violence. Some 3,000 rallies registered for the September 26 event nationwide.

Regis Day at 40 Days for Life

Regis Day at 40 Days for Life

A number of St Regis parishioners participated in the national 40 Days for Life event throughout the day on October 14; St Regis' designated day. Parishioners and others gathered outside of the Center for Women's Health where abortions are performed routinely.

Life Chain 2020

Life Chain 2020

For 33 years, pro-life Christians all across the United States and Canada have publicly, prayerfully, and peacefully stood in prayer and repentance on behalf of legalized abortion each Fall. From its small beginnings as a local witness in Southern California, the Life Chain has spread to more than 2,000 cities all over North America. The first Sunday of each October is National Life Chain Sunday.

Visiting Our Sister Community - Ita Maura, El Salvador

Delegation at the sign just outside of the community that has the images of Ita Ford and Maura Clarke.

South KC Chamber of Commerce

Social Justice Web

Find out what's going on in your community. Attend a South KC Chamber of Commerce event.
Contact Vickie Wolgast at 816-761-7660 or vwolgast@southkcchamber.com.

St James Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

In today’s age of excess and plenty, it is hard to understand why people…sometimes our co-workers or neighbors…don’t always know where their next meal will come from. St Regis parishioners help serve meals at St James place in midtown KC once a month.