Priesthood (Holy Orders)

The Priesthood is a sacrament. Sacraments are physical means through which God’s grace is experienced in the world. The sacrament of the priesthood (known as Holy Orders) is the visible way through which Christ continues His mission in the world.

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A Calling

The priesthood is a call from Christ to live in a relationship with him by serving His people. Not content to leave His people with simply the memory of his redeeming love, Christ chose certain ones of His followers (the Apostles) to continue His work on earth until the end of time. The priesthood is an extension of this, and is hence a continuation of the work of Christ in the world today.

While the whole Church is a priestly people, sharing in the priesthood of Christ by their daily sacrifice, prayers and spreading of the Gospel, God calls specific men to serve in His Name in the midst of the community. These men are priests.

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Holy Orders

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