Marriage is a beautiful way of life that demands a lifelong commitment. The Church has the pastoral obligation of assisting those desiring to marry to make a prayerful and mature decision concerning their marriage intentions.  We're here to help.

7 Steps to Prepare for Marriage

Welcome!  In our diocese there are 7 steps to help you prepare for your wedding and to live the vocation of marriage.

  1. Contact our Parish Office and meet with a priest or deacon to begin the process
  2. Couple pre-marital inventory (FOCCUS or Prepare)
  3. Attend Thrive! (and then skip to step 6)or God's Plan seminar (proceed to step 4)
  4. Complete a Marriage Preparation program (Lead Couple, Engaged Encounter, or THRIVE! Marriage Preparation)
  5. Attend Fertility Awareness or NFP introduction
  6. Make a good confession prior to your "I do"
  7. Final meeting with priest or deacon to prepare the liturgy

Download/view the 7 Steps To Prepare for Marriage brochure.

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