Adult Faith Formation

Evangelization and Parish Life

Our Mission Statement

Recognizing that the task of evangelizing all people constitutes the essential mission of the Catholic Church, in the spirit of Blessed John Paul II’s desire for a New Evangelization, the John Paul II Society seeks to provide opportunities for education and spiritual growth for adults in the Catholic faith.

Parish opportunities for reflection on Holy Scriptures, Church doctrine and Church history may be presented in various settings such as:

Small group sessions



Prayer groups

We will strive to encourage the centrality of adult faith formation to parish life in coordination with other councils and groups within the parish.  Activities will be done in a Eucharist-centered spirituality of communion with the respect due to the different paths of different people and with sensitivity to the diversity of cultures in which the Christian message must be planted.


Keep your eyes open for upcoming events. Announcements will be made after Mass when a new class begins. Classes are typically free unless a study guide is purchased.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled.

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