Frequently Asked Questions about Pledging

Frequently Asked Questions about Pledging

Why should we turn in the Time/Talent and Treasure forms?                                                                                                           Turning in the Time/Talent and Treasure forms is a “Good Faith Habit”.  It is demonstrating that God is important in our lives.  How far down the list of importance do we place God? 

Why do we pledge?
The pledge helps St. Regis plan for the coming year.  The pledge helps determine if funds will be available to support the church, school and ministries for the coming year.  Submitting a pledge is comparable your employer agreeing to pay your salary, or pension and the governments agreement  to pay your social security.  

How much should I pledge to St. Regis?
Plan to contribute a percentage of your annual income. We each can’t give the same amount, but we each can make the same sacrifice.  The recommend amount is 5% of your gross income. 

How do I determine the dollar amount based on a % of income?                                                                                                Determine what your gross income is (before any withholdings), then check the table on the back of your Annual Appeal card.  Find the dollar amount closest to it and go across the line to the % you wish to give.  For some, the same level of sacrifice is giving more than 5%.

What if my financial circumstances change during the year, if I lose my job or have a financial emergency?
Lives are not static. You can adjust your contributions accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                            

With our current financial obligations, I don’t know how it would be possible for us to give a full 5%. Are there any other options?  It is important to work towards this goal. You can begin by committing to an amount that is planned, proportionate and sacrificial. Most Catholics do not even know how much they give back. When they take the time to calculate that amount they are often surprised and discomforted. The first step in working towards the 5% goal is to determine what percentages you currently give. Then see if you can increase that percentage by at least ½ percent. If you increase your giving every year by at least ½ percent or more, you will eventually reach a full 5%.

When I decide to work towards 5%, should I be calculating it based on my gross or net income?     

When striving to give a full 5%, you should calculate the amount you give back to God based on your gross income. The reason for this is that stewardship calls us to give back to God first, before we take care of any of our own wants, needs or obligations – including our obligation to our government. After all, God should come before Uncle Sam, shouldn’t He? By placing God first – above all other financial obligations – we show how much we love and trust Him. Some people may never be able to reach a full 5%. Others reach that goal and give more, knowing that in reality it all belongs to God.

Is there a simple way to know if I am pledging the right amount without doing the math? 

Here is an easy formula for determining 5%.Take your pre-tax income.  Round it to the nearest thousand.  Then take off the last three zeros. For example, a person making $40,000 annually would take off the last three zeros and be left with $40.  This is the amount you should give every week, if you are giving 5% back to God through your parish.

Going to 5% is such a huge step. How can I find the courage to commit to this way of life?                                                          

It truly does take great faith. Simply place your trust in God. If you wait until you feel that you are financially comfortable you will never take the step. The commercialism of our society works to convince us that we never have enough. No matter how much we have, there is always something else we will want. If you are ever going to put your faith in God, you will have to step back from your endless list of wants and believe that our generous and abundant God will always provide you with all that you need and even with enough to give back a generous share.

What if I have a lot of debt and I am not able to pay my bills each month?                                                                                     There are legitimate exceptions such as a family living in poverty with very little money to take care of their basic needs.  For some families debt may be the main factor.  Some may have student loans or were laid off from work.  Others may be living beyond their means and have credit card debt.  People with these situations need help.  St. Regis is planning to offer a program to help those suffering from debt.  If you are interested in this type of program, please contact the Parish Office at 816-761-1608.

How do I sign up for Online Giving?

Go to St. Regis website at, Clink on the Online Giving logo (Left side).  Go to Create Account or Quick Give (Just below St. Regis name).  Fill out the forms (To create an account you will need to setup a user name and password.)


“Then he said to the crowd, ‘Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one’s life does not consist of possessions.’” - Luke 12:15