Christmas & Year End Giving

Giving to St. Regis Parish 


Listed below are several options for making special gifts to St. Regis Parish.

This is the simplest way to make a special gift to St. Regis, but it might not be the most tax-efficient for you.  Other options listed below may be more tax-efficient.


Donating Securities and Mutual Funds

Donating appreciated stock or mutual fund shares is a strategic gift-planning method.  The donor receives an itemized deduction in the amount of the fair market value (FMV) of the shares donated as of the date of the gift.  This value is deductible up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income and can be carried over for up to five years after the year of the gift.  Speak with your financial adviser.                      


a)Obtain a Gift of Securities form from the parish office or web site under “Yr. End Giving” or contact the Diocesan Office below for a copy.

b)You will also need to contact the Diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development at (816) 714-2363 or 816-714-2359.

c) Designate unrestricted gifts to parish as: “St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church, Kansas City, Missouri”


Giving from your IRA if you are over 70.5 years old

Will you be 70 ½ or older by December 31, of this year?

Find out how to lower your Federal Income Tax

Giving directly from your IRA to a qualified charity like St. Regis Parish or School can be a tax-wise strategy.  Please consult your legal or tax adviser or the Diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development.  The St. Regis office can provide the necessary forms.  It is also important to notify the Diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development at (816) 714-2363 or 816-714-2359 before submitting your transfer form.

Do not wait until the end of the year, as you might miss the opportunity to take advantage of this very helpful giving method.


Future Planned Giving

If you are considering a future planned gift and have questions, please contact the St. Regis office and we can provide you assistance and resources to make a tax-wise gift.